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Configure OS

Guest additions

Logon using right Ctrl + Del ("Administrator"/"Admin123"). Answer "No" on the question, if your PC has to be discoverable. Close all Windows for now.

Select "Devices -> Insert Guest Additions CD Image". At first glance, nothing will happen, but in the background, a "virtual cd" gets mounted.

Start the "Windows Explorer". You can see the "virtual cd" via the D:\ drive. Double-click on "VboxWindowsAdditions-amd64".

Read and comprehend all messages. Follow the installation steps and restart.

Login ("Administrator"/"Admin123") and select "View -> Full-screen Mode". It takes a second, but the screen should maximize.

Hooray, full screen! Play with "Host+F" key in combination with maximizing the screen. I choose to see both my "Linux desktop menu" as the "Windows Start menu".

Start "Windows Explorer". Right-click on D:\ -> Eject (= "remove the virtual cd"). Windows Explorer will close.

Automatic updates

Right-click on "Start -> Settings" and select "Update & Security".

Install all available updates. Reboot when asked to. Repeat "Check for updates/installing updates".

There should be no more updates available.

Clean up.

Clear all notifications.

Let's do a final restart so all updates are properly installed.

Finally, "shutdown" Windows.