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Install OS

Boot from ISO

Start the virtual machine. If you do nothing, you'll get an interactive shell. If this is the first time you start a virtual machine (in this screenshot example Windows 11), you get the "Auto capture keyboard" and "mouse pointer integration" messages. Read them and then tick the "Do not show this message again" checkboxes.

Close the window and choose "Power off the machine". Start the virtual machine again. This time, you do not get the "Press any key..." prompt. The Windows installer should start immediately. Time & currency format: "Dutch (Belgium)". Keyboard or input method: “Belgian (Period).

Install now

Notice, you also have a "repair" option here... Choose "Install now".

Select OS

Choose "Windows Server 2022 Standard Evaluation (Desktop Experience)"

License agreement


Type of installation

Select “Custom: Install Microsoft Server Operating System only (advanced)".

Installation location & partitioning

There are no partitions yet. Click "Next".


Grab a coffee.

The VM reboots for the first time. Virtual UEFI/BIOS won't boot of the ISO image, as it finds a Windows installation on the virtual harddrive.

The VM reboots for the second time.


Typ a password for the built-in administrator account: "Admin123" (do not use in a production environment!)


Done! Notice, that there is no "full screen" possible yet. Later on, we'll install the "virtualbox guest additions" for that.