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Install Windows 11

Boot from USB

Insert the Windows 11 USB flash drive you just created. Make sure the monitor is "on". Start the PC. In this case a "Fujitsu Esprimo", press F12 once at the "Fujitsu splash screen" and wait. Specifics vary from computer to computer. Consult your hardware manual.

You get the "boot menu". Select the USB flash drive to boot from.

Bypass checks

Windows 11 has specific hardware requirements, including the need for TPM version 2.0 and certain CPU/RAM requirements. A "Fujitsu Esprimo E900" does not meet these requirements, but is more than enough for a lab environment, so let's bypass these checks.

Press Shift F10 to open up a command prompt. Typ "regedit" and press Enter The registry editor opens.

Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup", right-click on the "Setup" key and select "New -> Key". Give this key the name "LabConfig" (be aware: qwerty!)

Select "New -> DWORD (32-bit)". Give this "Value" the name "BypassTPMCheck". Doubleclick on this value and change the "Value data" from 0 to 1.

Do the same for "BypassRAMCheck" and "BypassSecureBootCheck". Compare with the screenshot below. Close the registry editor and command prompt windows.

Time and currency format

Dutch (Belgium). Keyboard or input method: “Belgian (Period).

Install now

Notice, you also have a "repair" option here... Choose "Install now".

License agreement


Type of installation

Select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)".

Installation location & partitioning

Delete all partitions first, if any.

Make sure "Num Lock" is activated on your keyboard (check the LED if possible). Select "New" and create a partition of 400 GB (409600 MB) and click "apply".

Read and comprehend the message.

Windows creates additional partitions. Notice, there is some "Unallocated space" left. This is for the Linux installation and Clonezilla dump later on. Select "Drive 0 Partition 2" for the Windows installation.


Grab a coffee.

The PC reboots for the first time. UEFI/BIOS won't boot of the USB flash drive, as it finds a Windows installation on the (hard)drive.


Personal preference here. I select "Belgium".

Personal preference here. I select "Belgian (Period)".

Select "Skip"

Enter a computername. In this case "lab".

Windows reboots for the 2nd time.

The presence or absence of the "Let's connect you to a network" screen during the installation of Windows 11 22H2 can depend on various factors. If you get this screen, choose "Next".


Select "Set up for personal use".

Read and comprehend the concept "Microsoft account". We do not want such an account for now. Previous versions allowed for a "local/offline account", via "Sign-in options". Starting of Windows 11 22H2, it does not work anymore. Use this trick: select "Sign in".

Enter the random e-mailaddress ""

Enter "whatever" as password and select "Sign in".

You get an error. Nevermind. Just select "Next".

Login: guru

Password: guru

Acknowlege the password: guru

Security question1: Doggy

Security question2: Wevelgem

Security question3: IT guru


Location-based experiences: no.

Find my device: no.

Send diagnostic data: Required only.

Improving inking & typing: no.

Get tailored experiences: no.

Advertising id: no.


Almost ready.

Installation done!