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Create Clonezilla network backup

Let's take an image of our "gold PC" to a storage PC using SSH.

Step1 -> 8

Insert a Clonezilla USB flash drive. Make sure the monitor is "on". Reboot the PC. In this case a "Fujitsu Esprimo", press F12 once at the "Fujitsu splash screen" and wait. Specifics vary from computer to computer. Consult your hardware manual.

You get the "boot menu". Select the USB flash drive to boot from.

Select the first option.

English language.

Change keyboard layout.

Generic 105-key PC.

This is personal; I choose "Belgian".

This is personal; "Belgian" keyboard layout.

Step9 -> 16

Leave default.

Leave default.

Leave default.

We will clone the disk to an image.

The image will be stored on a SSH server.

Depending on your network; I choose "DHCP".

My SSH server is at

The SSH service listens at port 22.

Step17 -> 24

There is a regular user "guru" on the SSH server.

The image will be stored in guru's homedirectory, in an existing subdirectory "Downloads/DUMPS".

Read the message.

Acknowledge that you want to make a connection.

Enter the password for user "guru".

With a correct password, the remote folder gets mounted locally.

Select "Beginner".

We will save the local disk to an image.

Step25 -> 34

Give a meaningful name.

The local disk "sda" is the source disk.

Select the "-z9p" compression option.

Skip checking the source file system.

Skip checking the saved image.

No need for encryption here.

Poweroff the PC when the dump is completed.

Notice the command with all the options. Press Enter to begin.

Confirm "y" to continue.

Grab a coffee. This can take a while. The PC will be powered off at the end.