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Install Linux Mint 21

Boot from USB

Insert the Linux Mint 21 USB flash drive. Make sure both monitors are "on". Start the PC. In this case (HP Z4 PC), press F9 once at the "HP splash screen" and wait. Specifics vary from computer to computer. Consult your hardware manual.

You get the "boot menu". Select the USB flash drive to boot from.

Select the first option at the GRUB menu.

You're in the live-environment. In this case, both monitors are active. Possibly not configured correctly. This is for later.


Doubleclick on "Install Linux Mint". Select "English".

Keyboard layout: Belgian/Belgian. Test some characters in the test field.

Install the multimedia codecs.

Installation type/partioning

You could perfectly choose for option1, but let's choose "Something else".

Let's manually create partitions. First, select the "free space" at the bottom and click on the + sign.

Make sure "Numlock" is active (check the LED, if any). Create a "swap partition" of size 16 GB (16384 MB). Look at the screenshot.

Again, select the "free space" at the bottom and click on the + sign. Create a "root partition" with the remaining disk space.

Verify that the "Linux boot loader" will be installed on /dev/nvme0n1. Click "Install now".

Read, comprehend and acknowledge the message.


In this case, "Brussels" will be suggested as location.

Your name: guru. Computer name: hp. Username: guru. Password: guru.

Enjoy the slideshow.

The installation is finished. Select "Restart Now".

Remove the USB flash drive and press Enter.


After reboot, you have a menu where you can choose between "Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon" and "Windows Boot Manager" (=Windows 11). There is a counter from 10s to 0s. Make your choice in time. By default, "Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon" gets started.