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Configure Windows 11

Configure following steps on VM06 and VM07. The example is for VM06.

Basic settings after sysprep

Start the VM. Country: Belgium. Keyboard layout: Belgian (Period). Second keyboard layout: Skip. Connect to a network: "I don't have internet". Connect now...: "Continue with limited setup". License agreement: accept. Username/passwords:

  • VM06 -> "guru06"/"guru06"

  • VM07 -> "guru07"/"guru07"

Enter the password. Acknowledge in het next screen.

  • VM06 -> "guru06"/"guru06"

  • VM07 -> "guru07"/"guru07"

Security question1: "Doggy" ;-)

Security question2: "Wevelgem".

Security question3: "IT guru" ;-)


Location based services: "No".

Find my device: "No".

Diagnostic data: "Required only".

Inking & typing: "No".

Tailored experiences: "No".

Advertising ID: "No".


The "Start Menu" appears.

IP settings

Right-click on Start -> Settings.

Select "Network & internet". Select "Ethernet" and click on the button "Edit" next to "IP assignment".

Change "Automatic (DHCP) to "Manual" and enable IPv4. Configure the settings according to the screenshot. Click "Save".

  • VM06 is

  • VM07 is

Verify using a command prompt. Typ "ipconfig /all" and check the settings. This is for VM06.

You should be able to "ping" your favorite website.

PC name

Right-click on Start -> Settings. Select "About" and click "Rename this PC". Use CAPITALS. Restart when asked.

  • VM06 is "CL01"

  • VM07 is "CL02"

Login ("guru06"/"guru06"). Shutdown Windows.